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This tool is meant to provide a metrics-focused look into your network data. We hope it will be a quick and easy way to get the most popular network measurements. While we provide a small visualization for comparison purposes, visualization is not the focus. Instead, we hope the sortable tables will allow you to assess and navigate your network in new ways.

Type or drag-and-drop your edge list into the box below. Use a CSV file or type your edges separated by commas, like so (do not include a header row):

Person One,Person Two Person Two,Person Three Person Three,Person One

Your network can be either weighted or unweighted, and either directed or undirected. If your network is weighted, you'll need to add a third column to every line with the weight value:

Person One,Person Two,5

For more information about managing network data and an introduction to the various network metrics used here, we recommend two Programming Historian tutorials: Creating Network Diagrams from Historical Sources and Exploring and Analyzing Network Data. n.b.: Network Navigator is currently only set up for unimodal (or unipartite) networks. While it will give results for any edge list, be advised that the metrics for bipartite networks aren't reliable.

This website does not collect or store any data. Your data remains on your computer alone and is not sent to an external server. No one can view your data or results but you.

If you have comments or suggestions, feel free to say hello on Twitter.

Node ID Degree Betweenness Centrality Eigenvector Centrality Clustering Coefficient

Global metrics

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